Wooden Carvings
  • tables
  • chairs
  • salad bowls
  • salad spoons
  • animals (elephant, lion, leopard, giraffe, buffalo, rhino, crocodile, bird, hippo)
  • statues
  • picture frames
  • Noah's arks
  • candle holders
  • masks
  • pipes
  • ashtrays
  • world maps (round bowl carved with world map around outside)
  • chess tables with different design
  • backgammon tables with different designs
  • bao tables with design
  • door stoppers
  • sun masks
  • butter dishes
  • Christmas sets
  • All in different sizes and styles
Globe (world map) bowls
Globe bowls (world map) open


Big paintings to small paintings of different colours and design, including you own design (our customers are free to send their own designs and sized and even choose colours. I use water paints and fabric cotton.


Big batiks to small batiks. Any size and design. I use candle wax and dyes of different colours. We have different batiks:
  • Big fives (elephant, rhino, hippo, leopard, lion, buffalo)
  • Village scenery
  • Dancing people
  • Lake scenery

  • Beads and hemp necklaces and bracelets
  • Wooden rings

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  1. nice art......will visit someday....soon hopefully....big big up bredrene have put your thing on a whole new level..especially here in malawi...few people go as far as having a blog...nuff love and respect