Many customers that visit the local restaurant asks me about rastas and the rasafarai culture and religion. I have had great discussions with these people and I would like to here share some knowledge with you:

Rastafari is the new name of Jesus in his second coming as HAILE SELASSIE 1, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Conquering Lion from the tribe of Judah.

Rastafarians are the followers of Rastafarai way or Jesus way. Jesus second coming changed the name from Jesus to Rastafarai. Rastafari as a new name is not known to many who do not know it but only to those who knows it.

Rastafarians belive in life after death and existence of God "The Creator".

Rastafarians promote world peace, love, equal rights and justice, and freedom of human race.

Rastafarians believe that nature has all answers to human race problems and questions.

Rastafarrians uses nature to cure and treat any disease and disorders for example, ganja or cannabis herbs can cure or treat a lot of diseases including dangerous cancer, etc.Rastafarians uses ganja for meditations as well, to clean up the soul and the brain spiritually.

Rastafarians respetc, believe, and trust the book of life The Bible. True Rasta should read and study the bible because Rastafari Haile Selassie 1 said the Bible is his glory , " I and I glory is the Bible". Jahug Volume 3.

Rastafarians keep their hair, dreadlocks and beads like Samson and Jesus in the Bible.

Rastafarians eat what the Bible allows them to eat. Some Rastas eat fish while others eat meat and fish or only vegetables. Food is about choices for different Rastafarians wherever they are. Rasta is not food but what comes from the heart good or bad.

Rastafarians, men, women, and children respect the rights of women, children, age, the needy, and all kind of people around the globe.

Rastafarians believe that all people come from Africa and belong to one family of human race. That all people come from the Lucy family in Ethiopia, Africa, The Garden of Eden.

Rastafarians marry and enjoy the family love just like Bob Marley and Jacom from the Bible (the maker of 12 tribes of Israel). Rastafarians have choice according to the will of Jah to marry or not to marry. Some Rastas do not marry and some Rastas marry more than once and have several wives. Some Rastas marry one wife. Only Jah knows the purposes of all marriages because he knows our hearts.

Rastafarians need education to progress in the fast challenging world. Up to this time some people do not understand Rasta because of hypocrisy and hatred towards Rastafarian men, women, and children.

Rastafarians work so hard on Jah projects. Some are artists, musicians, fishermen, carpenters, builders, doctors, lawyers, journalists, footballers, netballers, and all kind of workers. Rasta men or women and children are encouraged to create work, especially if she does not find work. Any work created will change the course and is a good step toward progress.

Nazarite Rastas do not see dead bodies as a vow of Nazarite states. The rest of Rastas who did not vow the vow of Nazarite do attend the funerals and can see or touch dead bodies without cutting their dreadlocks. but if a Nazarite Rasta touches or sees a dead body, seven days after that day he/she should cut his/her hair or locks. Number 6:1-12. A Nazarite Rastas should not drink anything like beer or liquor all day of his/her vows. All Rastas who are not Nazarite can attend funerals, see dead bodies, even touch them but do not cut their hair. Deuteronome 14:1-21.

Rastafarians are everywhere all over the universe, from the end to the end of this world.

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